Always a lover of fashion, food and a good get-away I have been wanting to start a blog for years and decided to make my dreams a reality! These are the places I go, what I wear, food I love and everything that I am currently obsessing over. I am a 25 year old college grad simply looking for my place in the world…here’s my adventures…

6 fun facts…

  1. very close with my family (like too close) have one brother, the best parents and two dogs, a 16 and a 1/2 year old shih tzu named Jack and a five year old yorkshire terrier named Louie
  2. graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in business with concentrations in marketing and advertising but recently got my license in real estate and have been focusing on that
  3.  big foodie who loves to try new restaurants and recipes along with always wanting to try new drinks and wine, wine, wine…
  4. fashion has always been a passion for me and always something that I have wanted to do and found this would be a great outlet to share what I love in the fashion world
  5. asked my family to each list a fun fact about me mom- “you’re really funny! most people won’t be able to see that just reading what you  write!” you can always count on your mother for a good personality compliment. brother- “you love to travel, but thats such a basic girl thing to say” thanks Christian. boyfriend- “you like a lot of different foods but the foods you don’t like are normal foods and its weird” I have a borderline phobia of jello and jelly, the texture is weird to me along with anything pickled and a few other choice foods that are just not for me
  6. love to bake, I find it super relaxing and calming (like exercising but not)


Thanks for following along!

xoxo- Samantha