This was my second year going to the Hamptons and I will say it has consistently been one of my favorite trips every year. Traveling from New Jersey the traffic is always painfull but once we are there we relaxed and enjoyed it so much!
on both trips out east we stayed in Montauk . In addition this year year we took a s side trip to the town of Sag Harbor which was a great little town with such charm. I love any place that I can walk around after a good meal because let’s be real the thing I think about most is food!
  I am not a breakfast person but my boyfriend is, which is always a struggle! Staying in Montauk made it very exciting since they have two pancake houses right across the street from each other! This was  great because at least we had competition going! We tried John’s one day and Anthony’s the another! I’m honestly not a huge pancake person but we each got what we wanted and then shared pancakes so we could get a taste! I personally liked John’s better! It was a lot smaller and I always like a more quaint atmosphere plus my breakfast burrito was banging! My boyfriend liked Anthony’s better although my conspiracy is that he only liked it better cause he’s Italian and the name is Italian…if you knew him you would think the same thing!
 We enjoyed meals at many great restaurants especially great dinner spots!
One of our favorites is Scarpetta Beach for  great Italian food that  that has now become our go to. The view is amazing with seating directly facing the ocean.
Navy Beach is one of the best places to watch a sunset! You literally sit on the sand so you really can’t get a better view than that.
Speaking of outdoor dining one of my recommendations that I have learned through experience is to always bring warmer clothes for the night time! It is hot during the day but at night the temperature  drops quickly so if you want to go out and sit by a fire I always recommend bringing cute Beach pants and a jacket. I fought it the first year and learned my lesson the second.
The Surf Lodge is known for celebrity sightings and great concerts on the weekends. It is located right on the water so the views are amazing. A very trendy small spot but we did greatly enjoy the food.
We also made a trip out of Montauk to the town of Sag Harbor which was super cute and charming. We had appetizers at The American Hotel which has a great happy hour and a charming old school feel. We then headed across the street and had dinner at LuLu’s. The decor was adorable and the food was great! They have a little area that is outside but still closed in and we loved it!
One of my favorite places we checked out was the Wollfer Estate Vineyard! You can go and snack on their delicious wine and food while overlooking the gorgeous vineyard. I have not been lucky enough to go to Napa but this is for sure the nicest vineyard I have ever seen on the east coast. Besides the gorgeous views the wine was delicious. We purchased a bunch of their fantastic rose “Summer in a Bottle” and brought it home with us.
Besides eating and drinking, the beaches are so beautiful to walk around and relax on. Each little town has great little shops and streets to walk and enjoy. It really is one of our favorite summer destinations and understand why it has such a history and name for itself.

Going Back To Cali


I have been super MIA from actually writing blog posts and I promise to get more on top of it but recently got back from a quick trip to San Diego and had a blast! I have family that lives there but I haven’t been in six years! We went to celebrate my cousin’s daughter’s (Makenna) birthday and it was so special. The last time I was in San Diego my cousin was actually pregnant with her so its amazing how times change.

I always love San Diego for their beautiful landscapes and of course the amazing weather. This time of year it was absolutely perfect because it’s not too hot! We had a lot of delicious home cooked meals while we were there but did get out once in a while and of course the highlight was taking Makenna to Disneyland for her birthday.
First off the Mexican food in San Diego is always amazing. Being right next to the Mexican boarder you obviously can’t go wrong. Although we didn’t get there this time, I always recommend Old Town as a fun place to visit with a bunch of Mexican restaurants and stores. It is so fun to embrace the culture and its such an easy, fun place to do it in. My must try is always anything carne asada, whether it be a carne asada burrito, fries or nachos they are always amazing. And of course must drink everything down with a margarita on the rocks with salt…my favorite!
Blue Water Seafood:
This place was featured on Diners, Drive ins and Dives and although the line is usually out the door it is worth the wait! It is a market along as an eatery where you can take out or choose to eat there. They do have beer and wine as well. There is a menu with a list of all of their fresh seafood and then you choose how you would like it (i.e. over a salad, with rice, in a taco). There are also daily specials along with poke, fresh oysters, shrimp cocktails and other yummy treats. I had half a dozen oysters, a shrimp taco and an ahi tuna taco. They were all over the top delicious and I wish I had one down the street from me here in Jersey. A must try for me!
In and Out:
I know its just a chain but it seriously is always one of my first stops when I get to San Diego. Their burgers are out of this world and I only wish they would start building them on the East Coast. Anytime I’m near the West Coast I always google to see if there is one near by haha its an addiction!
Mr. A’s:
So this place was on my list to try to but unfortunately never made it with all the birthday celebrating and running around however I hear great reviews! The pictures alone look so stunning and I hear the food in phenomenal. It’s located right next to the airport so you can see all the planes take off and land making for an entertaining evening. Next time I am in town I’m going to make sure I get there.
Driftwood Kitchen:
So this restaurant is actually located in Laguna and not San Diego but we stopped there to have dinner on or way to Anahiem. It was a beautiful restaurant surrounded by glass and located right on the water. We went early so we could watch the sunset and wow was it amazing. There is an outside bar and tables that you can sit at too so you are right on the water. From the bar area there are stairs that you can walk down and be right on the beach so we got some gorgeous pictures there. Besides the view the food was also delicious! Awe started with some ahi tuna tacos, octopus and burrata cheese which were all stand outs. Fo rat entree I enjoyed a scrumptious tuna and also picked on my mother’s lobster carbonara entree which was out of this world. I also had one of their signature cocktails which featured Grey Goose Pear, St. Germain, mint and basil and I wish I knew the full recipe beaus I would want to make it every night! A great place!
My first time in the Disneyland in Cali! I have been to the one in Orlando before but it was so fun to see the differences and experience something new! Of course Disney is always so magical and fun! Since it was my cousin’s daughter’s birthday we took her to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique which is seriously the most adorable thing I have ever seen. If you have never heard of it basically young girls (or boys) get to go and get their very own fairy godmother. They pick out a costume of their choosing and its so cute because there are so many options from all of the princesses to Moana and Tinkerbell. Once they choose their costume the fairy godmother takes them and does their hair, nails and make up. It is truly amazing watching all the little girls in so much excitement as they feel they are being turned into a princess. She loved it and I think all the adults loved it just as much watching her. Such a special experience that I would highly recommend.
Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel:
We stayed here one night so that we could be close to the park and just get up in the morning and go. The hotel was wonderful for children with everything Disney themed and even a water slide at the pool. At night you can see the fireworks from next to the pool and it was seriously such a cool experience. It is walking distance from the park with was so helpful because there was then no hassle to park or worry about anything. On the adult side there are multiple bars and I had one of the best mai tais ever!
Mexico Outfits
Shop all of my looks here or on the liketoknowit app!!
I am always such a huge fan of Lilly Pulitzer and this dress did not disappoint!
The bathing suit underneath this matches and is so comfortable! I loved that you can take the strap off of the top of the bathing suit allowing for a great even tan!
Feeling like the dancing emoji in this dress that was perfect for Mexico!
Omg can this dress be any prettier?? Florals and ruffles is what I am all about for summer!

Whistler, Canada

B3AC87C7-A00D-48FA-8154-EE30ADABA19BOne of my favorite things to do in the winter is go on cold vacation. I know everyone thinks its crazy and they like to go on vacations to escape the cold but there really is nothing more beautiful than sitting in the cold weather and looking at the beautiful snow coming down.  My big cold vacation for this winter was visiting Whistler Canada, which was oh so gorgeous! A great hotel, great restaurants and a great atmosphere made for an amazing trip!

Where we stayed:
We stayed at the Four Seasons Whistler B.C. and I really can’t recommend it enough. Of course all Four Seasons Hotels are always gorgeous and this one kept right up with our high expectations. The service was fantastic from the concierge to everyone working in the restaurants. The hotel itself was simply stunning with a perfect cozy look and beautiful artwork throughout! They had a terrific spa and an outdoor heated pool that was the most amazing experience sitting amongst snow in a hot pool.
Where We Ate:
Barefoot Bistro: Such a cool spot and I highly recommend making a reservation early! It is a prix fixe three course dinner and you have multiple options for each course. I had a delicious duck breast and the best part was the dessert! I am always a huge ice cream advocate and they made ice cream from scratch table side! It was so awesome watching them make it and it tasted heavenly! Also so cool they had a vodka tasting that was in a frozen ice bar! They give you big warm jackets and you go into a frozen room and try different plain and flavored vodkas. It really was such a cool experience that I highly recommend but also would recommend eating first! We went before dinner not realizing that we would be taking dour shots of vodka. Everything ended up fine but you can see how that could catch up to you quickly!
Longhorn Saloon: The perfect place to apres ski. The restaurant is located right at the bottom of the ski mountain. It is a super cool, casual restaurants with warm fires that allows you to sit outside and watch people ski down the mountain. We loved to go  there during the day and have a spiked hot chocolate or mimosa while watching people ski and snowboard. We had simple things to snack on including wings and a veggie plate and everything was great. For sure my favorite place to hangout during the day.



Araxi: Some of the best oysters I have ever had! My favorite oysters have always been from British Columbia and these did not disappoint. One night we sat  at he “oyster bar” where you can see a chef shucking oyster after oyster. When we asked him how many he shucks a day he said probably over a 1,000! We had a fantastic dinner there with a special sushi roll for appetizer and a delicious scallop entree. This is also a place I highly recommend to make reservations early because they book up quickly.
Basalt: Great place for cheese and charcuterie boards which is seriously my favorite thing! It is located right in the village and you can sit outside on their heated porch while watching the snow fall which is simply gorgeous. We enjoyed some great meats along with an exquisite cheese fondue! We seriously never wanted to leave eating cheese with wine while watching the snow fall!
Earl’s: Another great casual bar and restaurant with great food! A hotel concierge recommended it to us when we were looking or a spot to have a late lunch and it really delivered. We got there around three and good thing we did because at 3:30 everyone was coming off of the mountain and there was no longer a seat in site. They had an extensive menu ranging from tacos to tuna tartar to salads that looked scrumptious. he place was packed but a really cool place to check out and hang.
Sidecut: This was the restaurant that was located in our hotel so we ate here often. We love sitting at the bar and having cocktails with some good food and these food and drinks were fantastic. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and we loved hanging out there even night. They even had live music on some nights so that made for a really fun atmosphere. The penne bolognese was out of this world and my favorite drink was called the “tusk at dusk” which came on fire!! I always love a good show!
What to do:
Basically every winter activity is available to do there and they are all equally awesome. I listed some ideas below
-dog sledding
-zip linning
-great shopping
-helicopter rides- we were supposed to go on an amazing helicopter tour but sadly the weather never cooperated. There are amazing tours that will take you up the mountain to see glaciers and so much more
-Scandinavian spa- one of the coolest most relaxing things. It’s an outdoor spa with saunas, pools and hot tubs and you go in each while being outside staring at the mountains and snow. Pro tip: bring flip flops, they provide slippers but when you get in and out of the water the slippers quickly get wet and ruined
What to wear:
Fashion was not something that came first while on this trip but staying warm was! I would highly recommend wearing lots of boots and coats and anything that can with stand getting wet because it snows ALL THE TIME! I wore my Sorel boots which were perfect for this trip most of the time. My Canada Goose jackets came in hand perfectly and I also brought snow pants and some super warm yoga pants to wear around town. At night I would dress up more with some nice tops and jeans but the vibe throughout the village is pretty casual.

My Three Favorite Restaurants in Cleveland

Red Steakhouse:
If you love steak than this is the place for you. I have never been disappointed with a meal here ever. Now I am a type of person that if I’m at a steakhouse I et a steak, if I’m at an itlain restaurant I eat Italian and so on. Knowing this it still makes me happy that although they are a steakhouse they have a very vast menu including multiple pasta dishes and seafood selections. Usually when I’m out I’m with other pope so to me it’s so great that they have so may options so that everyone can be happy. Saving the best for last they have a dessert of donuts that I have been dreaming about since my first time there. They come out fresh and hot with three dipping sauces that left me wanting to go back literally everyday. Seriously a must try.

Lola is the creation of acclaimed Chef Michael Symon (he’s on the abc show The Chew) and it lives up to the hype. He is originally from Cleveland so you can find many restaurants around Cleveland under his name. He most recently opened a new BBQ restaurant in the downtown area. When you first walk into the restaurant the bar literally glows and I always think this makes for such a cool and exciting focal piece. They have great cocktails, my favorite being their singnature “Lola Cocktail” that comes in a martini glass with a little sprig of basil on top and a lavender glow on the bottom. Any place that has great cocktails can count me in. After cocktails comes their food and everything I have ever tasted there has been fantastic. I love their seafood selections and whenever I go for the scallops I have never been disappointed. This place is often packed but it is easy to see why.

One of my favorite finds in Cleveland! The main area in downtown that is filled with restaurants is called East 4th street and the other two restaurants are located there, however, this one is not so it took me a little longer to find but it was worth the wait! I had fantastic tuna there and a grilled avocado appetizer that was so delicious and different! Although I have never been able to get there for brunch I have seen pictures that look fantastic, including captain crunch pancakes (omg)! Also on Wednesday they have half off wine which is just such a win for us all. For sure one of my must tries!

Everytime I visit I always love to try new places! Any recommendations please send to me! Happy travels! Xoxo



Euro Trip: London and Denmark


When I think of London I always think of one of my favorite Friends episodes when Joey constantly shouts “LONDON BABY!” and runs around everywhere in full British garb. It’s my first time in this beautiful city and it is everything I thought it would be and more. The architecture is simply stunning. The castles and palaces make me want to be a royal and move right in with William and Kate(not that I didn’t want to before). I am a big lover of old time and classic architecture and design and this is exactly what London embodies. Walking around I feel like I took a step back in time.

Along with the castles we also took in tourist attractions such as Big Ben, The London Eye, Trafulgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and Westminster Abby, They all had such beauty to them. Big Ben was under construction while we were there but it didn’t make it any less interesting. I was also a sucker for all the red telephone booths and double decker buses. To me it just screamed London and made it everything I was hoping for. What was really cool to me that they had many double decker touring buses with different themes. I saw one that was haunted and another one that provided high tea. Everywhere you looked things were just more and more interesting.






Another interesting experience was attending a soccer (or futbol) game in London! It is incredible how much every fan is into the sport and how seriously it is taken. The atmosphere was amazing with people on the streets and cheering fans everywhere. The stadium was really cool to see! All the pubs were full of die hard fans and it was so interesting to be emersed in this culture. My father and brother are huge soccer fans and love the English Premier League (which is England’s soccer league) so it was even more amazing to watch them enjoy it as much as they did. We got to see Arsenal play West Ham in Emirates Stadium. Arsenal (the home team) ended up winning and it was an experience I will never forget.

We stayed at two hotels , The London Edition and The Grand at Trafulgar Square.
Trafulgar Square is a big tourist attraction so it was really cool to stay there. It has magnificent fountains and of course there are great restaurants everywhere. The first time we walked by the square there was a Japanese festival going on packed with people and tents with different Japanese foods. They continuously have different festivals taking place which makes for a cool experience. The hotel itself was beautiful, filled with marble and drapery which is always a decor that I love.
The other hotel we stayed at was The London Edition and although both were nice I do have to say staying at The London Edition was probably the best part of the whole trip for me. It was in Fitzrovia which is like the London equivalent to New York’s Soho. The hotel was magically gorgeous. Every night the bars were full and it was easy to see why. The service was impeccable! Everyone was so sweet and the drinks and food were delicious. We ate at the restuarant in the hotel which was called Berner’s Tavern. The food was amazing and if I lived in London I would want to be there everyday. The walls were filled with amazing art work enhanced by high ceilings and gorgeous chandeliers. Everywhere I looked I was in awe of its beauty. The bartender even told me that Donatella Versace once stayed there which of course made everything that much better! Anywhere that Donatella Versace once stayed is a place I never want to leave.

One of the nights we ate at a place called Ember Yard which also prepared wonderful food! It was a tapas restaurant so plates were small but everything was delicious. The beef and bone marrow burger was insane, along with the chilean seabass carpaccio. We also ended the meal with a large plate of pork belly which was out of this world. Often times I don’t love pork belly because of how fatty it is but this one was so perfectly cooked and delicious. I found it on the internet and figured we would give it a try and so glad that we did.



Another favorite was a restaurant called Massimo which was inside the Corinthia hotel. The hotel itself was so gorgeous and the restaurants went right along with it. Corinthia was originally a British government building opened in 1885 and was recently restored in 2011 and wow did they do a great job. Along with the decor Massimo’s food was delicious. It was Italian cuisine and I enjoyed a fabulous cheese plate, a lobster bruschetta, calamari and a pumpkin ravioli. I don’t know why but I have always heard that London wasn’t known for having great food but I must say that those restaurants proved that myth wrong for sure.

We stopped for drinks and snacks at the Ritz and its beauty speaks for itself. It is on the way to Buckingham Palace so if you get a chance to visit this gem it will be worth your time.

It was hard to dress on this trip as I often wanted to be comfortable because we were doing so much walking. While in London of course I had to wear Burberry. So i wore my Burberry button down and matching Burberry booties that I found at the end of last winter. I was also excited because I was able to wear my Chanel espadrilles for the first time! I was so excited when I bought them because it was my first pair of Chanel shoes! The shirt I matched with them was a cold shoulder top that I had ordered from Boston Proper. They don’t have any traditional brick and mortar stores so it’s an online only website. I do love a wide variety of their clothes. They often have cute options and although it stinks that you can’t try the stuff on first they are really easy with returns. I also love how their clothes fit very well for my body type and are extremely comfortable. I wear this shirt all the time and have always loved it!

Burberry button down:

the exact Burberry boots just in a little bit of a darker color:
Cold shoulder top and it’s on sale!!:
chanel espadrilles:



In addition to London I also got to enjoy the beauty of Denmark. My father is from Denmark and got transferred to the states when he was in his early twenties. He then met my mother at work and basically as they say…the rest is history. His entire family, parents, brother, my aunt and cousins all still live there so he is the only that lives in the States. The purpose of this trip was to visit for my grandparents who were celebrating their 60th anniversary. First off what a blessing that they have created such a solid and amazing relationship that has lasted 60 years. They have raised two successful sons and now get the joy of not only enjoying their grandchildren but also their great grandchildren. I have been to Denmark many times to visit my family but I haven’t been since I was 17. I found that this trip was the first time I could really appreciate the culture and all that the country had to offer.


We stayed with my grandparents at a beautiful summer house right near the beach. We were lucky to have fantastic weather and were able to take morning walks around town along with going to visit beautiful Copenhagen. Although much smaller than London, I truly loved Copenhagen. There are many cobblestone walking streets that made for the most perfect charming setting. The road with all the colorful restaurants/ homes was truly my favorite. Its right along a dock and the most interesting part to me was when talking to my father about it he reminisced when he was young man it was actually a very run down and unsafe area to be in. Obviously it has been gentrified and is a fabulous area and great tourist spot. We walked to streets and stopped to have lunch at a lovely little place called Hummer. There are outdoor restaurants all up and down that road so I really don’t think there are any bad places to pick.
My favorite indulgence in Denmark are all of the delicious baked goods! I am really not a big bread eater but visiting here I couldn’t resist! My uncle or aunt would bring fresh bread every morning along with pastries and wow were they delicious! Also while walking the streets of Copenhagen I had some churros that were truly out of this world! They come hot and you get to pick the toppings! I personally picked Nutella and nuts but there were so many options it was amazing! They also had waffle stations everywhere and delicious gelato. It was.a dessert lovers heaven.
Also one of my personal favorites are the “Pulsa Stands.” Pulsa is a hotdog and although I usually am not really a big lover of hotdogs these made me become one. They have something called a French Hotdog where basically the bun is like a pocket that the hotdog slips right into. Then it is garnished with a dressing that is a cross between a mayonnaise and a French dressing. Although very different from our typical mustard hotdog here in America, it was truly delicious and something I always look forward to when I’m going to Denmark.


This trip was truly amazing and something I will never forget. It was such a special occasion to be able to spend time with my family and enjoy all the beautiful attractions together. Europe is a magical place and to me so different from the United States which makes it so interesting to see how other cultures live and carry on in their days. As the saying goes “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” This I truly believe. Now it’s time to head home and enjoy a beautiful Northeast fall before the next adventure.




Lake Placid


As a person who resides in and loves the Northeast, this is one of my favorite places to visit. I first visited Lake placid about a year ago when i started dating my boyfriend. It was a place he loved and visited often.  Although I had heard of LP, I had never really thought of it as a place to visit but wow is it worth the trip. The mountains and beautiful views are simply breathtaking. Every season has it’s own special beauty. The winter brings cold and snow where you feel like you are in an absolute frozen wonderland, the warmth of summer where you can boat around the lake, Spring that shows all the natural wild flowers and lastly, Fall where you can gaze at the stunning foliage.

Things to do


The reason my boyfriend found such a love for the place was because of his joy of hiking. There are over 46 mountains known as the “ Adirondack High Peaks” that are all over 4,000 feet in elevation. I myself have done two, Cascade peak and Wright peak. Cascade is the best for people who are not as experienced hikers but still looking for a challenge. Don’t get me wrong, although Cascade is known as an “easier” mountain it is still extremely challenging. When I hiked Wright we will just say there was blood, sweat and tears. By far one of the hardest things I’ve done. Hiked seven plus miles over Rocky terrain with 3000 feet of elevation gain. In the end it is always worth it at the top looking at the amazing views and seeing what you accomplished. For people who are not as into hiking or not wanting to do such extremes there are easier and just as beautiful walks such as the High Falls Gorge which has beautiful views of waterfalls and gorges. There is also a small restaurant attached that makes for a great lunch spot after the scenic walk. 




As many people know or don’t know the winter Olympics have been twice held in Lake Placid. It is most noticeably remembered because of the “Miracle on Ice” that happened during the Olympics in 1980 (where the movie Miracle came from). It is still currently the place where many winter Olympic athletes train. There is a museum that holds artifacts from those Olympic games which are very interesting to see. Also you can go to where the Olympic bobsledding team trains. It is truly amazing to watch how fast they go and how cool the sport really is. If you go during a time that they are not training you can even go on a bobsled ride yourself! Another great site is seeing the Olympic ski jumpers training site. You can go up to the top of the jump and see how high it is while watching them train and jumping at all times of year. It is incredible how high they are and how amazing it is that they have no fear jumping on skies at such heights. Also going up to where they jump from provides amazing views of the mountains and scenery.







The downtown or village of Lake Placid is great to walk around as it has great shops and restaurants .There is a hat store ( Where did you get that hat ) that I always love checking out. In the winter it is always so cold there so one of my favorite things to do is go check out all the new hats they have to coordinate with my warm outfits.

Skiing/ gondola rides:

During the winter there is great skiing on Whiteface Mountain. You can also take Gondola rides up the mountain at all times of year which offers stunning views at the top. You do have to purchase a ticket but the views are worth it.  

Where we eat/stay

Whiteface Lodge:

I absolutely love to visit the Whiteface Lodge. One of the best things about it is there are two and three bedroom suites which make it easy when traveling with a big group. I went this past December with my mother, grandma, aunt and boyfriend and it was great because we all have our own space but can still meet in the kitchen to have some wine and hang out all together.

One of my favorite features is the heated pool. They keep it so warm that even in winter ( outside temp mostly below zero ) you can swim which is such a cool experience since you feel like you are swimming amongst the snow. The pool starts inside which is so helpful that you don’t have to be running in the snow in your bathing suit! You simply swim to the outside without having to leave the warm comfort of the pool.

Saving the best for last… the bar there is simply incredible. The bartender Zach is a mixologist and therefore makes scrumptious drinks made to order and no two are ever alike. It is truly an experience. He asks you multiple questions about your likes and dislikes and then concocts a signature drink just for you. It is one of my favorite things to do while visiting and everyone I take there never stops talking about it! 


Lake Placid Lodge:

If you are looking for a romantic getaway this is the place for you! It is the only hotel situated right on Lake Placid which makes the views simply breathtaking. Very quiet and serene it is the best place to go and simply relax. The rooms are incredibly warm and romantic with log cabin feel, huge stone fireplaces  and amazing hand made furniture throughout. The first time we stayed there we stayed in the Whiteface Suite which was simply amazing and even had a bed on our private balcony. Honestly it doesn’t get much better than that. They have two restaurants inside that are both fantastic (Maggie’s Pub and Artisans Restaurant). One of the coolest things to me is there are no TVs throughout the entire hotel.  It makes for a great getaway when looking to spend time with someone with no distractions. At 4 pm everyday there is a boat tour around the lake that is one of my favorite things to do. I am not exactly a history buff but even I found it so interesting hearing about all the people who have lived there and all the history that surrounds the Lake. They also have kayaks to take out and a big fire pit with smores at night which makes for a cozy atmosphere.



When looking for a less expensive option, there are great cabins in the area as well that can be rented and keep you immeresed  in the Adirondack feel. Many come with kitchens which I always love because especially if we hike all day we don’t want to go out to dinner and would rather just stay in and make a nice quiet dinner together. Dart Brook Lodge is a great option. We’ve stayed there and the grounds are always so pretty, everyone so friendly and the cabin always so quaint.  


The Cottage:

One of my favorite places to eat it is a small little nook right on Mirror Lake which is located in the downtown area. The views are beautiful and the food is some of my favorite. The brussel sprout salad is one of the best I have ever had. There is seating inside and out which is great for a warm day to sit on the lake and stare at the surrounding mountains.

Smoke signals:

Located downtown this place has some of the best BBQ food I have ever had. I still have dreams of this place and want to go back again and again. The brisket and chicken wings are out of this world. Every time I think of this place I just wish I lived close so I could stop in day after day.


Mirror Lake Inn:

Although I have never stayed in the hotel I have eaten at the restaurant and it is great stop to make. I went at Christmas time and all of the decorations made for a wonderful experience (including a tree made of beautiful poinsettas). Great bar atmosphere and great food to follow.


Hope everyone gets to visit and and enjoy LP as much as I always do!


Rhode Island

Ah I’m blogging! Scary but exciting! Just got back from the beautiful state of Rhode Island and wow is it a place to chat about. If you have never been to Newport its a definite addition for the bucket list. The views are stunning and all the mega yachts the marina are simply breathtaking. Lots of fun restaurants, cool hang outs and great shops.

After our stay in Newport we headed down state( about a 45 minute drive ) to stay in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Although less of a town feel, this place was  wonderful. The hotel we visited was one of the prettiest I have ever seen, which made it easy to see why they are rated 5 stars by Forbes year after year. The surrounding homes are so marvelous,quaint and private it inspired Taylor Swift to purchase a $17 million dollar  home there. (I asked the bartender, he said he’s seen her family but never her)


Where we stayed:

In Newport we stayed at Gurneys. The views were marvelous and I loved our room. We had our own private deck that overlooked the marina which was stunning. We ate lunch  as well as snacks and drinks by the fire at night. In the morning we enjoyed breakfast and I will say the food was great. The only thing (and I don’t like to complain) was the service left much to be desired. During breakfast, guests were getting so frustrated with the delays that the manager had to comp a couple of meals . I probably waited 45 minutes to an hour for my breakfast of smoked salmon. I don’t mind waiting but it was a bit excessive, plus having to flag down a waiter anytime you wanted coffee became exhausting. Enough complaining, the hotel offered a great water service from the hotel into the heart of downtown Newport. The ride took about 10 min but the close up view of all the amazing boats moored in the bay was breathtaking.






Last time we visited Newport we stayed at a place called 41 North. The only reason we didn’t stay there this time was because it is a small hotel and books quickly. Since this was a last minute trip it was already full. We did however go there for dinner and loved it just as much as the first time! The views and food are great along with the service. The hotel itself is so lovely and everyone so accommodating.


Watch Hill:

In Watch Hill we stayed in the Ocean House which I seriously wish I could live there. From the gardens to the food to the service everything was perfection. My new obsession with hydrangeas comes from here and their gardens. They have activities going all the time (even an adorable little croquet field with an instructor who comes and teaches you how to play) plus it is right on the ocean so you can just lounge all day. They also have a “Secret garden” by Vueve Cliquot so basically everything I could ever desire. I seriously can not talk highly enough about this place and hope to go back again and again.

While we were there they had a clam bake which was my first clam bake and I loved it! All the lobster, clams, mussels, corn, clam chowder and chicken you can eat. Also beer and wine was included which always helps. The clam bakes are usually held outside but it was supposed to rain so ours was inside but still wonderful.


Between the two locations I will say that Newport has more of a town and more things to do so depending on what you are looking for both options are great.


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Happy Summer!


Jackson Hole:


Sunglasses: Prada, coat: Canada Goose (the warmest), scarf: Louis Vuitton, bag: Chloe, gloves: Ugg, jeans: Hudson, boots: Sorel IMG_2142

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is one of my favorite places I have ever visited. Never would I have thought I would visit there because I usually like more warm vacation destinations and I am not a big skier but wow am I glad I took the trip. Just walking off the airplane and viewing the breathtaking mountains I knew this was going to be a trip I would never forget.


Our view walking off of the plane…yes -2 degrees!

Where we stayed:

We stayed at the Four Seasons Jackson Hole and I must say not only was it beautiful but the service was impeccable. It has been months since our trip and still everywhere we go we always compare and say how the service here was a step above anywhere we’ve been. The hotel is right in the Village and you look right at the Jackson Hole Ski Resort so you see the beautiful mountains and all the skiers and snowboarders coming down it. Since I’m not a big skier it amazed me everything these people could do coming down these giant mountains. The hotel had great restaurants inside and the breakfast was always fantastic. I am not a big breakfast person and I still dream about the tofu rancheros option they had every morning. Also at night they had a lounge with fantastic drinks. They had a drink made with ginger vodka that I loved along with a great take on a hot tottie that included St. Germain!!4732!10!14687752977!25696937842&ef_id=GJBOOwUWvTEAAInQ:20170711163238:s


The view from our room. You would see people ski down the mountains all day…it was amazing.


We would have drinks nightly inside or outside, both had fireplaces and if you chose to sit outside they would hand you big warm blankets to stay warm. It was such and experience to sip a cocktail in the snow staring at the mountains with a warm fire and a big blanket.

Where we ate:

King Sushi:

Some of the best sushi I have ever had. We did a scallop shooter with raw scallop and quail egg which is one of the most adventurous things I have ever eaten but it was delicious! The duck buns for appetizer were to die for along with the surf and turf type roll that included lobster and wagyu steak…worth every cent of the $25 it cost. Also it is located right downtown so you can walk around the town before or after for great shops. The only warning I do give is that the restaurant is very very small so try to make a reservation, it is totally worth it.


The best view in Jackson in my opinion, this restaurant is situated right on the top of the ski mountain. You have to take a gondola ride up and it is so worth it. We went at lunch time which I recommend because it is still light out so you can take full advantage of the views. The food is also fantastic. We went straight comfort food by having duck wings and mac and cheese and both were fantastic!


This was our view from Piste. You could watch all the skiers and snowboarders get to the top of the mountain and then decend down.


This is actually a hotel that we went and had dinner in. The food was delicious plus they gave us a tour of the hotel which was so helpful because now we have new ideas for the next time we visit. This hotel and restaurant was located in the mountains. The outdoor heated pool was an infinity pool looking over the mountains… I was in aw looking at it. It is for sure a place we will think of staying next time. It is very quiet and perfect for romantic get always. The food was also fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner.


We got there early so it was quiet when we first got there which made for a romantic and sweet experience. Loved all the fireplaces and the incredible art work!

Mangy Moose:

 A fun local place it seems to ALWAYS be hopping. We went on a Sunday when we first arrived. It was right in the village a short walk from our hotel. They had live music going and people simply ski and snowboard off of the mountain right into the bar. A very cool and relaxed atmosphere with fantastic bar food.


Watching the band was so fun  and the food was great, you feel right apart of the mountain and outdoor atmosphere.

What to do:


Although I am not a big skier the mountain was breathtaking and I did go up to the top of it. It is rated one of the best ski resorts year after year. 


This is where the people are skiing from! Elevation 10,450 feet!


While there I went snowmobiling for the first time and wow was it an experience. We went all through the mountains and it was something I will never forget. We went with a group which included a guide named Dave who was fantastic. It was truly amazing going through nature that way.



I had never shot a gun before until Jackson. We went to a shooting range where they showed us everything about shooting. Although it my first time I was actually pretty good! I ended up hitting a target over 500 yards! Even though it was super cold it was a lot of fun and something I never thought I would do. (P.S. The guy in the picture on the website was our actual instructor and he was great especially working with a first timer like me!)


No I did not shoot the top one…I probably would have fallen down! Just holding it was a big deal for me, it was over 50 pounds!